AI Search

Power of Machine Learning applied to your data

READS provides a novel intelligent search platform that can search data from any number of sources, online or on the local network or computer, and present the search results with context-specific next-actions that will enable users to quickly complete tasks and traverse workflows..


Semantic Enrichment

Each READS implementation is based on user specific lexical and semantic data. We have tailor-made industry specific ontologies, and you can request to customize these or customize and add to them as you go along.

Connected Data

Connect any number of data sources, whether on your local network, cloud sources, or online data repositories. Each data source can have a customizable data schema to conform the data to your system upon ingestion.

Context Aware Actions

Smart, context aware actions can be created based on any number of criteria using metadata and any concepts defined in the organizational ontology to define both criteria as well as triggers for streamlined workflows.

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